The Unity Project - Magnified Public Relations

The Client: The Unity Project 

The Unity Project partners with businesses and charities, so you can impact the world without changing a thing. With no additional costs, 3% of everything you spend at your store of choice is donated to your favourite charity.

Scope of Project:  Ad Campaign

Timeline: One Month

One hurdle when founding a new technology is encouraging people to actually adopt the technology. The Unity Project was looking to spread awareness of its product and increase the conversion rate of its ads and landing page.  To do so, we created a campaign with the hashtag #ShopWithUnity and ran a series of ads through social media. We also developed a completely new landing page and made a number of adjustments to the conversion process.


Our Work

  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Page Development
  • Ad Development/Management
  • Data Analysis 
  • Conversion Process Analysis 


The Campaign Landing Page:


For the visuals of the ad campaigns, we created both a video and an image to use as an A/B split test. 


The Campaign Video:


The Campaign Image:

The Unity Project Ad - Magnified Public Relations