The Client: Shelter Movers

Shelter Movers in a nonprofit organization that  provides moving and storage services at no cost to  women and children fleeing abuse. They currently operate in Toronto and Ottawa, with plans to  become a national organization by 2019.

Scope of Project: Marketing & Communications Management    

Timeline: January 2, 2018 - Present

Shelter Movers Website Timeline.png

Shelter Movers’ volunteer base grew from 5 to 200 people in under two years, with little  to no marketing or communications presence. They needed a coordinated  communications effort, consistent messaging and reliable management. The initial priorities were to form a team of volunteers who support the organization’s  communications efforts, strategize its PR vision, and build internal processes.  


Our Work:    

  • Created and implemented a marketing & communications strategy  
  • Develop video and visual content (ongoing)
  • Develop critical internal communications documents - crisis plan, media Q&A, fact sheet, key messages, etc. (ongoing)
  • Website remodeling (ongoing)  
  • Secure interviews in traditional media (ongoing)  
  • Social media management (ongoing)  
  • Relationship management with various stakeholders (ongoing)  
  • Coordinate a national fundraising campaign (ongoing)


Video Production

Visual Design

Testimonial from Client

“My charity needed a creative, strategic PR firm to help us craft a consistent message  that resonated with our donors and the public alike. At the same time, we needed  people who had the hard skills to execute the strategy with appealing visuals for social  media and our website. Gabe and Gab really offer the whole package.  
  Professional integrity is so important, particularly in the PR sector. I need someone I feel  has my organization's interests at heart as much as their own business goals. They take  the time to learn the authentic nature of my charity's work, rather than creating  something else. They believe in my cause, and see their success in my success.     Magnified PR very quickly adapted to the ins and outs of my organization. They wanted  to understand all sides of what we do in order to give the best advice possible. They are  excellent at not only seeing where my organization could be (in terms of brand  recognition and impact), but how to get us there from a public relations standpoint. Their  advice has helped me stay on message and avoid reputational pitfalls. They help tell the  story of our charity in a way that shows the best parts of what we do. This has translated  into more volunteers, more money and more awareness of our cause.     I strongly recommend Magnified PR to any company or nonprofit that wants to protect  and improve its reputation, and expand its brand into new markets. Gabe and Gab take  on the success of my charity as their own, and put in the hours needed to get us there.”    

Marc Hull-Jacquin  Executive Director, Shelter Movers