Digital Strategy

Our digital strategies take a similar approach as an ordinary communications plan, but on the digital side of your PR and marketing efforts. Not only that, but we include all communication channels and work to amplify your messaging.

Digital Strategy - @magnifiedpr

Your brand might already have a website and a profile on every social media channel under the sun, but your brand’s potential is limited without a strategy. We help you establish consistent messaging, tone and voice across your entire online presence. We then lay the foundation to achieve your overarching business goals.

Your message, tone and voice should be consistent across all channels. With a cohesive digital strategy, we make sure your content and delivery compliment your objectives. We keep a close eye on the analytical metrics that help determine success.


Our Digital Strategy Formula 

1. Start with the data

Numbers don’t lie. We take advantage of access to digital analytics to uncover things like:

  • What are your competitors doing?

  • What does your current reach and response look like?

  • Where are their opportunities for growth?

  • Establish your brand’s goals


2. Establish your brand's goals

Taking action without a plan is a waste of time. We work with you to establish measurable metrics that will translate into a successful execution of your strategy.


3. Build a plan & execute

No two brands are the same. We recognize this, and so does your audience. Our goal is to find the best balance for yours.


 4. Assess & adjust

Monitoring the strategy execution is imperative. Just because something is sound theoretically, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be flawless in practice. We regularly assess and adjust strategies based on its success.