We have two ways of doing things around here.


Every brand has unique needs, capabilities and goals. We get this.  Our goal is to find the best approach for you. So, let us know how hands on you need us to be.


1. We join your team

  • Get the best results with continuous services
  • Save money by bundling services
  • No need to worry about having fresh content


2. We coach from the sidelines

  • Make specific content/service requests
  • Receive consultation time with digital PR pros
  • Get strategic planning and guidance based on your goals


Our Packages

The Team Approach


Our packages are designed to make us an additional asset to your team. Whether it's with minimal intervention, or a full digital takeover, we want to help you advance your brand. 

All the nitty gritty details on how our services are priced and discounted can be found below.


BONUS: Packages also come with an initial Digital Strategy at 50% off!

1. Media Materials - $1500/month

Save $750/month



  • Monthly web traffic reports
  • Monthly plans + projections
  • 2 blogs
  • 2 infographics
  • 2 custom images
  • 1 hour of consultation

Confident with the distribution part, but simply want to outsource content creation? Then, this package is for you.

With strategic digital material that hits home with your audience, you can expect a boost in exposure and validation within your niche market.



  • Consistent blog content to post on your website is great for SEO
  • Strategic blog topics help forward your bigger objectives (lead generation, audience growth, reputation management, etc.)
  •  We will guide you with how to effectively distribute specific content on each channel
  • Infographics are an excellent way to share complex information in a digestible format
  • Custom images can be re-purposed for any social media media channel your brand may use
  • See how the content has improved traffic to your site through monthly reports
  • Have a question? give us a call!

2. Brand Booster - $3500/month

Save $1900/month


This package provides a careful balance of social media management and creative content. This package is sure to spark a consistent increase in social engagement, search engine visibility, and web traffic.

We identify where your brand stands, how it lines up against your competitors, and look at where you want to be. After ironing out the details, we put an action plan in place. Then, you can then sit back and focus on your business as we take care of digital side of things. 



  • Complete management of 2 social media channels of your choice
  • Get recognized by big names and brands with strategically curated content
  • Active engagement on each channel that works to build relationships with influential people, grow audience and establish credibility
  • Monthly in-depth analytic reports include analyzes of your competitors, your social media channels, and website traffic
  • Thorough plans + projections are developed based on monthly reports 
  • Healthy maintenance of web presence with fresh variety of content
  • To kick off every week, you’ll be briefed on the previous week’s highlights and opportunities


  • 2 social media accounts
  • Monthly social reports
  • Monthly web traffic reports
  • Monthly competitor analysis
  • Monthly plans + projections
  • Weekly summary reports
  • 2 blogs
  • 2 infographics
  • 2 custom images
  • 2 hours of consultation

3. Digital Director - $6000/month

Save $2600/month


Best Value!

  • 3 social media accounts
  • $100 social advertising
  • Monthly social analysis
  • Monthly web traffic reports
  • Monthly SEO analysis
  • Monthly competitor analysis
  • Monthly plans + projections
  • Weekly summary reports
  • 4 blogs
  • 4 infographics
  • 4 custom images
  • 3 hours of consultation + phone calls

This robust bundle of social media management, creative content, ad management and consultation promises a generous return on investment. Our Digital Director significantly improves your entire digital presence, while also reducing your workload.



  • This package is designed to provide your brand with major growth based on your current needs
  • Drastically improve your Google ranking and domain authority by continuously sharing valuable content 
  • Consistent engagement with influential names and brands for the purpose of growth, collaboration and brand awareness
  • Thorough examinations of all online activities and mentions allow us to find the areas to improve
  • Online ad development, distribution and management to help spread your message
  • In-depth digital strategies ensure everything is moving at its most effecient pace
  • Weekly blog cycle (strategic development and distribution of four styles of blogs) gives variety and shows expertise
  • Visually-striking images to be purposed for social media, web and ads will give you an extra edge on the competition
  • Flexible consultation hours
  • Very little interaction needed on your end
  • Monthly + weekly reporting is comprehensive 



Not exactly what you're looking for?

Don't worry, we're flexible! We want to find the solution that works best for your brand. If that means building a package just for you... then that's what we will do.

Book a quick call with us and we'd be happy to get you started in the right direction.


Don't need the full package?

We offer all of our services individually as well. Pick and choose what you need to fill your digital gaps. Only need a few blogs written here and there? We can help! We've got talented writers, strategists and consultants to guide your brand in the right direction.


Consulting Magnified Public Relations

Check out all of our services here:

As a consultant we can help your brand:


  • Build digital strategies

Our digital strategies includes all brand activities that fall under the digital umbrella. We set a timeline, lay out the goals and put together an action plan for your team to execute. Often times brands overlook the importance of a digital strategy, and are confused why they can't reach their goals. This is our expertise.

We’re always a phone call away to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Develop content

Need help with strategic content ideas? We can make the content for you, or simply tell you what to create, and when to send it. Sometimes brands just need a nudge in the right direction and that's where we come in.

  • Content distribution calendars

We can take it even further by building you a complete content calendar so you can automate the distribution and marketing end of things. We do research into your industry and find the best methods, channels and messages to use to get you the best ROI.

  • General consultation hours

Set aside a couple hours to strategize with a PR pro. Tell us a little bit about your company, what you want to achieve and in what areas you're struggling. We'd love to help! 

  • Much more

We're in the business of helping other brands grow. If you have a particular need or bizarre request, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. PR isn't a cut and dry industry, and we often adapt to each client's needs.


Ready to find out what we can do for you?

Send us a message or schedule a time to chat. We'd enjoy getting to understand more about what your brand does, and where you want to take it.