What is digital PR?

What is digital PR? 

Well, let’s tackle the complex field of Public Relations (PR) first. Boiled down to its core, PR is the art of managing messages, strategies and important relationships that pertain to the goals of your brand.

Traditionally, PR has been understood as the distribution of press releases to reporters with the hope that your story is newsworthy enough to get picked up. This approach worked fine and dandy until people started consuming their media online.

In fact, by 2017 about 50% of the news-consuming American population was getting their news through websites or social media. This number is only increasing! There’s still value in traditional media, but the most cost-effective opportunities to help your brand thrive await online.

Digital PR is simply the evolution from its traditional ancestor. PR seeks to understand people, and since people are online, directing your attention there is a natural progression! We use analytic insight on your specific audience to unravel the strategies that will help you create thrust behind your bigger objectives.


What is digital PR used for?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this, but it's commonly use to:

  • Build credibility and brand awareness
    • Generate business leads
      • Recruit talent/volunteers
        • Attract Investors
          • Reduce marketing costs
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Fine tune the factors that make your brand stand out.

From social media management, content creation to SEO, we've got the tool-set to expand your brand. Apply these strategically and you'll quickly become a force to be reckoned within your industry. 


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Why complicate things?

We’re a straight-forward agency. You want to see results, and we know how to get them. Instead of making you run through our lengthy list of services to pick and choose like a kid at a candy store, we’ve made it simple.

We bundled together the tools that are fundamental for brands to thrive online. Oh, and we’ve knocked a handsome amount off of the price tag as well.

Our options provide brands with a one-stop-shop for their digital solutions.


Our Packages



  • Monthly web traffic reports
  • Monthly plans + projections
  • 2 blogs
  • 2 infographics
  • 2 custom images
  • 1 hour of consultation



  • 2 social media accounts
  • Monthly social reports
  • Monthly web traffic reports
  • Monthly competitor analysis
  • Monthly plans + projections
  • Weekly summary reports
  • 2 blogs
  • 2 infographics
  • 2 custom images
  • 2 hours of consultation


Best Value!

  • 3 social media accounts
  • $100 social advertising
  • Monthly social analysis
  • Monthly web traffic reports
  • Monthly SEO analysis
  • Monthly competitor analysis
  • Monthly plans + projections
  • Weekly summary reports
  • 4 blogs
  • 4 infographics
  • 4 custom images
  • 3 hours of consultation + phone calls


Why bundle our services?

Each of our packages are crafted to fit particular brand needs. Take a peak at the finer details and find out which one works best for you!