The Building Blocks of a Winning Digital Marketing Campaign



No two marketing campaigns are alike. Between targeting your ideal customer, selecting distribution channels, setting KPI’s, allocating budgets, the campaign’s duration and a number of other variables, there are limitless formulas to running a digital marketing campaign.

Despite how one decides to go about executing their campaign, the building blocks of a successful one are transferable.

Create a polished strategy

With the exception of examples like Twitter’s fluke rise to stardom in the mid-2000’s, very rarely does success just fall into a brand’s lap. Before you pull the trigger on allocating a sum of money to a digital marketing campaign, you’ll need a strategy.

In your strategy you should answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of the campaign?

Examples: Brand awareness, product launch, SEO, limited time offer, etc.

What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?

What results constitute a “win” for your campaign?


  • “X number” of clicks through to your landing page

  • “X number” of purchases

  • “X number” of form submissions

  • Increase your organic search traffic by “X percent”

How long will you run your campaign?

Will you run the campaign for a week? A month? Six months?

Who is your target audience?

Develop a “persona” of your ideal viewer, buyer or supporter is. This will help you tailor your messaging and identify distribution channels.

Where should the content be distributed?

You should identify where the best spots to share your content are. Conducting research on your where your target audience spends their time online will help inform the most ideal spots.

Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Words, YouTube, etc.

What is your budget?

Having a budget that’s suitable for your anticipated KPI’s is a must. Be honest with yourself and set a budget for what you’re willing to spend to make the campaign a success. If you’re capable of doing design, copy writing and strategy in-house, you can easily keep your costs relatively low!

Build your click funnel

So you’ve got purpose and a plan at the base of your marketing campaign, but now you need a destination to guide your audience toward. Unless you’re strictly spreading the good word of your brand’s existence, you’re likely hoping to intrigue a wallet to open or an email to be shared with you.

How do we do this? Through a funnel!

A funnel is simply a step-by-step encouragement to your viewer to continue down the path to your mutually-desired end action. The most boiled-down standard order of procedure looks like—awareness, nurture, convert and delight. It’s a pretty standard marketing approach, which is a derivative of the timeless marketing AIDA model. However this base is more equipped to handle the online delivery system.



Awareness to your potential customer comes from your brand’s consistent presence on LinkedIn and some visit your website.


You run an ad set re-targeted to the people who visited your website to keep your brand in their minds.


Your ad directs to a landing page that nurtures the lead further and presents the call-to-action to purchase your product or service.


You keep your customer satisfied with exceptional value and support, which encourages a longtime buyer & ambassador of your brand.

Develop the messaging

Having a powerful message attached to your campaign might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this element gets rushed. You need to develop a message that succinctly highlights the problem and how what you provide is the best solution for your audience. Your overarching purpose of the campaign should dictate the messaging used throughout your digital ads.

Keep in mind messaging doesn’t solely mean text. Communication can be displayed visually through photos, video, typography, colour schemes and even use of emojis in your copy. It’s extremely important - especially in our media-saturated state - to be deliberate in how we attempt to engage with our target audience.

Here is an example of a campaign that incorporates many powerful methods of messaging. This is Uber’s #BeyondFiveStars campaign

Uber highlighted some glowing reviews of their drivers by the app’s users. The purpose behind this campaign was to showcase their unified culture and demonstrate how their drivers bring more than just a mode of transportation, but an experience worth more than any five star rating could justify.

Whether or not you agree with the campaign’s message is beside the point. They used user-generated-content to guide the campaign, which is a core principle of the modern PR & marketing industry.

Visually, they used smiling faces, a diverse range of drivers, and simple text to evoke their message. The music sets the tone for how we should feel: which in this case is proud, inspired, and appreciative.

Generate captivating content

Strong content is the meat and potatoes of every successful digital marketing campaign. This is where you and your team will want to have a brainstorming session. At each stage of your campaign’s funnel, you want your content to be intriguing, engaging and informative - enough so that the viewer is successfully encouraged to continue through the click-funnel.

It’s very important for someone to WANT to watch your video, look at your photo for more than a millisecond, or read your post. Consider who your target audience is and what you’re asking from them.

Tip: Be authentic! People are tired of being sold-to and bombarded with ads. Storytelling is a great way to earn the attention of your audience.

Be flexible if needed

One of the wonderful things in the modern marketing era is that we can analyze the response to our campaign on the fly! We can use online analytics tools to see if we are on pace to hit our KPI’s or not.

In the event that things aren’t running so smoothly, it’s beneficial to be agile and ready to switch things up if need be. It’s not uncommon to rearrange budgets, remove particular content, restructure your funnel, etc… all while the campaign is live! Take advantage of social media and allow yourself to get the most out of each one of your campaigns.

Ready to get your message out to the world?

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Our goal is to deliver thorough, creative and impactful campaigns with a data-backed ROI.

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