Digital PR, what's it good for?

Digital PR, what's it good for?


As a PR professional, it’s a question I get a lot. “What is digital public relations?... and why would someone ever need it?”

It’s a fair question, and it’s one I’m happy to answer. When PR is brought up in conversation, minds might jump to the type of PR we see on shows like Scandal - a reactive, extreme, and corrupt version that makes what we actually do seem pretty boring. Sorry to disappoint, but I won’t be teaching you how to cover up a murder and subsequently start a successful career in politics.


In the real modern world (or at least the world that won’t have the CIA knocking at my door), that’s not how it works. There are tons of tiny gears that go into keeping the large machine of PR moving. For each scenario, brand and audience these are gears are tuned differently. But, in this case we’ll let the experts worry about all those micro tasks.





Building credibility and gaining exposure

Reputation is everything. Through digital PR tactics, you can strategically work to gain trust for your business within a particular industry.

If executed properly, this will get your foot in the door to establish relationships with influential people who matter to your brand. When influential people vouch for your cause, they contribute to establishing your brand’s trust in the public eye.

Providing insightful content, sharing engaging social media posts, and finding ways to collaborate with influencers can help quickly improve your credibility and online exposure.


Generating business leads

PR might not might be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of lead generation, but, you’d be surprised.

PR, both digitally and traditionally, is about building relationships. These relationships, when nurtured, eventually become part of a wider business network, which often leads to...well, leads! It’s important to note that word-of-mouth isn’t only a traditional approach to PR, it also works online. When someone shares their positive experience on social media, they’re often reaching hundreds, or thousands of people.

By incorporating certain practices from digital marketing to your PR strategy, you can also find ways to creatively place calls-to-action (CTA) through your online content. They act as a way to encourage the viewer to get the conversation rolling.  


Recruiting talent/volunteers

Finding talent that aligns with your brand’s culture (and that you enjoy working with) can be challenging. It’s not as simple as “build it and they will come.”  Not to mention, a jam-packed day of interviewing strangers is time consuming, and you’re going to want to round up a strong lineup. Throwing up an ad on a few recruiting sites will only get you so far.

In the long game, PR is an effective approach to making your business a main attraction for top talent. Use social media as a tool to showcase the your amazing team and the work that you do. This in itself makes impressions on the type of people you want to work for you. Digitally, you can make the fundamentals of your organizational culture transparent, and express your brand’s unique dynamic.

So, when it comes time to announce a position that’s opening up, you already have people who have been following you and know what you’re all about.


Attracting investors/donors

Whether you’re a startup looking to raise millions from investors, or a small non-profit aiming to host a fundraising gala, an effective PR strategy can lead you to achieving your goals.

When it comes to people handing over money, they aren’t always going to be convinced by hearing your pitch. It goes back to credibility. If you have influential names mentioning your brand, it will help you gain trust from the potential investor.

As for reaching out to donors, a strategically crafted fundraising campaign can go a long way. People tend to be more inclined to jump on board with donation opportunities when they believe in the cause. Through PR, you can develop messaging that puts your viewers in the driver’s seat to be the hero that solves a particular problem.


Reducing marketing costs

PR can help you uncover ways to get people talking about your brand, as opposed to paying for advertising. There’s a time and place for both methods, but when it comes down to cold hard cash, PR is both affordable and effective.

An alternative to paying for advertising to broad audiences, you should consider leveraging influencers. This might come in the form building relationships with bloggers in particular niches, encouraging high quality backlinks to your content or distributing engaging social media posts.

The beauty of PR is that it isn’t cut and dry. There are always doors waiting to be opened, and relationships that can send you brand to the next level. It’s all a matter of discovering them and capitalizing.


Remember when I said we’d leave all the micro tasks to the experts…?

Well, that’s us. Looking for a little help in any of the mentioned categories? We’d love to help! Our strategic and creative approach to PR ensures that your digital efforts lead to achieving your larger business goals.

Feel free to book a quick call or fire us an email, and we will get right back to you! If you have some questions regarding what we do, how we do it, or if we’re a good fit for your brand, we can point you in the right direction.