4 types of video that effectively generate and nurture B2B leads

4 types of video that effectively generate and nurture B2B leads


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B2B (business-to-business) marketing has gone through a bit of a revolution in the past year. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is the increased value and effectiveness of using video in your B2B marketing efforts. Video (when done right), paired with a strong distribution strategy can allow your ideal customer to get a better look under the hood of your brand, product or service.

In the past year, we’ve seen B2B video marketing used most frequently to achieve:

  1. Brand awareness

  2. Thought leadership

  3. Lead generation

According to experts at LinkedIn, 62% of B2B marketers claim that video is the most important format of content they’ve produced in 2018, and 93% agree that video gives brands more opportunity for storytelling and demonstrating creativity. Of the many functions video can achieve, building brand awareness is the most common driver for investing in B2B video content.

Here are four examples of what types of B2B video content work best:

1. Storytelling videos

Good videos evoke specific emotional responses: joy, pride, sadness, anger, laughter, nostalgia, etc. These emotions fuel passion, and drives human behavior while building a relationship with an audience.

Your story must be compelling as well as true. These days, big brands are paying more and more attention to finding the stories that lead to long-lasting relationships with customers. Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry admitted they had actually brought in a cultural anthropologist to help define their story. They understand that these anecdotes are what stick with people.

Here is a compelling example of brand storytelling through video from Interpublic Group:


2. Explainer videos

We’ve all seen the classic ‘about us’ videos that are borderline cringe-worthy - so what’s so groundbreaking about an explainer video?

Well, these days many of us are navigating highly saturated markets and a video showcasing your grocery list of services doesn’t make the sale anymore. People want to work with people. More importantly, people want to work with people that they like. A creative explainer video can be a great way to elaborate on your brand’s culture, expertise, uniqueness and of course - value!

Did you know… 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Take a look at Proposify’s explainer video:



3. Testimonial & case study videos

At the core of public relations, much of the value comes from having someone else talk about your brand. You can only toot your own horn so much. Potential customers are curious about what your other customers have to say about your product or service, and has become an important step in the modern sales cycle.

Here is a testimonial video we produced for Kinduct Technologies and a client who uses their Athlete Management System:


4. Product demos

We’ve probably all seen clips from Apple’s annual product demos. Hoards of tech gurus wait on the edge of their seat all year to see what the American mega-company has tweaked on the latest iPhone. Some love these types of demos, and others find them a dull waste of time. Even if you’re not a techie, you’ve likely jumped on YouTube to see what the product you’re contemplating buying is REALLY like.

Product demos (assuming you sell a product) are an excellent way to let a viewer feel like they are in the proverbial driver seat. A demo lets a potential customer imagine what it would be like to use your product and works to nurture their need for a solution.


You have questions… let us answer them!

Do these videos really convert? How much do they cost? How long does it take? Is video really the ‘next big wave’? Stop speculating… ask an expert!

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At Magnified, we are big proponents of brands using video to tell their stories. From the first storyboard brainstorm to mass ad campaigns, we’re equipped to be your one-stop-shop for video strategy, production and distribution.

Strategic video production is a forceful tool in your content arsenal. Understanding your audience and where they listen is a fundamental component to making your video a success.