15 Restaurants in Halifax with Mouth-Watering Instagrams

15 Restaurants in Halifax with Mouth-Watering Instagrams

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Don’t shoot the messenger, but I’m about to destroy your New Year’s resolution-inspired diet. New year new meals...is that how that saying goes?


Either way, Halifax, Nova Scotia has a lot to offer aside from its great selection of beer. You may have even paired an ice-cold pint of your favourite craft with a delicious meal from one of these spots below.


So, without further adieu… here are (in no particular order) 15 restaurants in Atlantic Canada’s metropolis who know how to make our mouths water on Instagram.


Let’s dig in.


1. aFrite Restaurant

2. Mappatura Halifax

Le Boeuf!

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3. Bluenose II Restaurant

4. Le Bistro by Liz

5. Crepe Crêpe

6. Lot Six

7. Barrington Steakhouse

Hen + lamb

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Meeting friends for holiday drinks? We have just the bar for that!

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8. The Canteen

9. Agricola street brasserie

10. Black Sheep

11. Battery Park Beer Bar & Eatery

12. The Press Gang

13. Bistro Le Coq

14. Stubborn Goat

15. The Kitchen Table

So what's on the menu for 2018?


It’s no question that for restaurants, a strong social media presence translates to more clients. In fact, 40 percent of people learn about food through digital methods - websites, blogs, or social media.

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